Mentor Mentee Programme

The Mentor Mentee Programme is designed to identify team members with the talent to become General Managers within our company and to prepare them for this role by developing their potential.

We believe that the success of our company relies on the skills, abilities and motivation of our team members. Our Mentor Mentee Programme is a way for us to find those special individuals who embody the Yes I Can! spirit, and who have the talent to become our General Managers of the future.

To ensure the growth of our people alongside the growth of the company we launched the Mentor Mentee programme in 2000. This supports our company’s culture of promotion from within and helps us meet the future planning needs of our growing company.

Our Mentees are high potential team members who have worked in several departments, with budget and personnel responsibility. A Mentee will work closely and intensely with a Mentor, during the course of approximately 12 months, achieving enough knowledge and experience to become a General Manager during that time span. The success of our Mentor Mentee Programme is based on its uniqueness; the development of each Mentee is based on his or her own personal potential.

Once a Mentee has been carefully selected a suitable Mentor and location will be assigned. As a learning priority during the Programme you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the responsibilities of a General Manager, the company’s reporting and measurement tools as well as the broad aspects of leading people and managing active relationships.

A Mentor is someone who is a combination of a teacher, coach and a role model, an approachable and trusted adviser and a knowledgeable person who can challenge you to get the best out of you.

Nominee must have had:

  • Relevant budget and personnel responsibility as a head of department in at least two departments
  • Both for at least one year
  • One of them must have been in an operational department
  • Fluent in English both oral and written
  • Must have proper public speaking skills / presentation skills
  • Must display ‘presence’
  • Must sign a mobility agreement beforehand agreeing to the level of mobility through a discussion with the nominating General Manager during the nomination process
    • 1. Total mobility
    • 2. Restricted mobility
    • 3. National mobility (a minimum for any nomination to be considered)


The Programme:

  • The Programme has an expected duration of 12 months (some Mentees may require a longer time frame for their development; sometimes finding a suitable location for the first-time GM’s appointment may also take longer)
  • At the start of the programme a Personal Development Programme has to be created by Mentee & Mentor and submitted to Area HR and Corporate HR within the first month of the start of the Programme.
  • Some mandatory modules on Carlson Learning Network and at the Business School must be completed before the end of the programme: Basic Revenue Management Principles; Rezidor Code of Ethics; Club Carlson; the 2 SNAP modules; LOTS; Finance for the Non-Financial Manager and the General Manager Certification Programme towards the end of the Programme.
  • During the Programme the Mentee is obliged to participate in at least one task force assignment, which can be an opening, a take-over or ‘trouble shooting’ assignment.
  • The Mentor and AVP ensure proper and relevant training, coaching and guidance for the Mentee in line with the Personal Development Plan.
  • 4 Official evaluation moments will take place – one every quarter – to monitor progression and to provide feedback, both ways!
  • 6 Months into the programme the 360º feedback exercise takes place – initiated by the Mentee to corporate HR – to measure development in leadership capabilities.

The Final Assessment:

  • After 12 months (or later as decided by the Mentor) the Mentee will be invited to the Corporate Support Office for his/her final assessment & interview carried out by a Senior leader from within the company and a Corporate HR representative.
  • Upon successful completion of the final assessment a first General Manager’s position will be established – preferably within the following 3 months.

The costs:

All costs related to the Mentee’s development are to be borne by the sending hotel / mentoring hotel:

  • Assessment Development Centre: EUR 550.00
    (for the M-ADC participation fee, accommodation and DDR, excluding flight and travel costs)
  • Presentation Skills training prior to attending the M-ADC (if necessary): pricing as per local provider
  • The 360 degree assessment: EUR 975.00
  • The final assessment: appr. EUR 450.00 for flights (and possibly accommodation – however it is preferred to travel to and from Brussels on the same day)
  • Total costs to develop a Mentee: EUR 1’975.00 (excluding all payroll related costs and any attendance in Business School or other personal development courses).
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