Hotel Missoni

Hotel Missoni

Bold. Passionate. Fashionable. Uniquely Missoni.

Hotel Missoni is a new kind of luxury hotel for the 21st Century. Created by a small core team. Brought into being with immense care.

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Founded on near-obsessive attention to detail. Hotel Missoni is a close creative and business collaboration between the international Italian fashion label Missoni and The Rezidor Hotel Group. The Hotel Missoni brand has been meticulously well built. Every detail contributes. Nothing is accidental. Everything matters.

The first, award winning Hotel Missoni launched in Edinburgh in late 2009, followed by Hotel Missoni Kuwait in 2010. More openings are planned in fashionable locations around the globe.

Luxury Life

A whole new luxury life and style experience

The Hotel Missoni project is far richer than any traditional brand licensing agreement. Rosita Missoni is day-to-day Creative Director of Hotel Missoni. Committed to the vision. Present. Practically involved in every design decision.

Each Hotel Missoni reflects Rosita’s personal design sensibility and values. moreEnlarge

The kinds of objects and artworks she admires. Her brilliance for eclecticism. For daring colour.

The Rezidor Hotel Group manages each location to ensure the Hotel Missoni brand values are wisely stewarded, respected and monetised. Strength lies in the detail.

Hotel Missoni is a lifestyle brand aimed at younger consumers. Affluent. Mobile. Tech-savvy.

Consumers who demand experiences which are authentic, creative, competitively priced. Experiences that deliver luxury touches relevant to their needs.

The Italian heritage

The Italian heritage

Missoni was founded in 1953 by husband and wife Ottavio and Rosita Missoni as a small, independent knitwear company. The original workshop was in the basement of the Missonis’ first home.

In the 1960s Missoni moved into what is still the company headquarters in Sumirago. moreEnlarge

These early years saw the development of the Missoni aesthetic combining colourways, shading, texture and patterning in a provocative new manner.

The now world-famous Missoni ‘look’ was made possible by technical developments in yarn and knitwear manufacture. Daring knits in wool, cotton, silk and rayon. And the audacity of Missoni aesthetics: riotous couplings of zigzags, stripes, wave forms and flame motifs.

More than half a century later, Missoni continues to thrive. A vital, beloved part of the international prêt-a-porter scene.

Ottavio (known affectionately as ‘Tai’ to close family and friends) and Rosita Missoni married in 1953. Missoni has always been rooted in family. Tai and Rosita’s three children – Vittorio, Luca and Angela – were born into the family business and continue the Missoni dynasty.

Missoni is emblematic of a uniquely exuberant, seductive, Italian approach to life. Centred on the family. And the enduring warmth of family life.

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The Rezidor Connection

Rezidor manages people and valuable intangible assets in the world of hospitality - the brands guests love. And love to return to.

Radisson Blu. Park Inn. And Hotel Missoni.

The Rezidor Hotel Group is one of the fastest growing hotel companies in the world. moreEnlarge

More than 440 hotels in operation and under development. More than 96,000 rooms. In more than 72 countries.

This success is founded on a strong portfolio of hotels. Great value and quality. Great consistency of results for guests, property owners, shareholders, and all associated stakeholders.

Our values include the ‘Z-factor’. Daring to be different. Creating new experiences for guests. Catalysing change in the hospitality industry.

Hotel Missoni demonstrates this ‘Z-factor’ in action. Striking. Strong. Industry changing. Catering to a new affluent group of inter-nationally mobile guests. Meeting their needs and desires profitably. Delivering ‘New Luxury’.

Rezidor is committed to the long term development of Hotel Missoni with an ambitious programme of new openings and signings. An ambition that includes cities such as London, New York, Paris and Milan as well as resorts key beach front locations.

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Design Concept

The internationally recognised design aesthetic of Missoni becomes a playground for guests to inhabit and relish at Hotel Missoni.

Show-stopping theatrical spaces. Spaces for intimacy. Vibrant and functional. moreEnlarge

The informed use of architecture and interior design supports different human needs as they colour and evolve at different times of day.

Each hotel expresses the Missoni look accented with authentic local variation. Every Hotel Missoni shares a unique service ethos – Vita. Italian in character. Inclusive, talkative, richly sociable and non-judgmental.

Every room begins with the Hotel Missoni aesthetic, dynamic use of colour, and the elegant application of key Missoni design notes.

Hotel Missoni rooms are designed to delight the eye, to amuse, to rest and replenish.

They are spaces for deep relaxation. Supported by 21st Century technology New Luxury travellers expect. Docked. Uploaded. Wired. And wireless.

Hotel guests demand more from bathrooms than ever before: bathrooms that are beautiful to look at as well as beautiful to use.

Missoni bathrooms are models of international Italian design with generous baths and basins, smart walk-in showers with pressure to match and peerlessly designed ergonomics.

All coloured by emphatic Missoni aesthetics that turn bathrooms into jewels, stages, theatres, operas...

The heart of any Italian home is the kitchen and the Hotel Missoni signature restaurant, ‘Cucina’ is designed to be the heart of Hotel Missoni.

Cucina serves dishes inspired by classic Italian cooking using the freshest ingredients, simply prepared. Cucina menus change with the seasons, importing the very best from Italy. Accented with small local touches.

Like the great Italian family kitchen, Cucina reflects the mood of the moment. Light and bright in the mornings. Atmospheric at night. Always alive with affection, conversation, good grace and good food.

Bar Missoni is Hotel Missoni’s ‘theatre’: a place to watch and be watched. This is Rosita Missoni’s pitch-perfect, high-fashion interior. The perfect playground for guests to see and be seen.

Bar Missoni is character-ised by expert mixology, beautiful glassware, deftly prepared classic cocktails and bold new inventions.

All complemented by small plates of delicious food from Cucina.

Moments in time, laughter. Chance meetings. Lovers, old friends. All of life unfolding.

Choco Café
Choco Café is an intensely flavoured sip of classic café society. Inspired by the ‘Gran Caffe’ of Italian history.

Choco Café serves coffee, chocolate, indulgent pastries, Italian salads and authentic, rustic paninis. Informed and underscored by the Italian love of good coffee.

Perky breakfast classics. Languid afternoons of cake and snacks. Richly indulgent chocolate ‘soup’ and fruit for dipping.

Work and Play
Hotel Missoni meeting rooms are elegant examples of contemporary interiors designed to inspire effective communication. Support open and easy exchanges. Stimulate creativity and new thought.

The ultimate meeting environment: smart, harmonious, inspired. With superlative technology, connectivity and audio visual equipment.

Missoni events spaces are beautiful and distinctive, combining Missoni design aesthetics with brilliant functionality. Perfect for work. And for play.

Private dining for a few. Or for many. Intimate parties. Lavish dining. Grand celebrations. Light love and laughter. Hotel Missoni creates the loveliest backdrop for playful days and nights.

All Missoni Hotels have fitness and treatment rooms. So that all Hotel Missoni guests can stay sharp. Or Unwind.

Hotel Missoni also partners with the best spa experts in the world to provide and operate holistic spas at many Missoni hotels and at every Hotel Missoni Resort. As Spas are complex and specialist propositions.

Gym. Yoga studio. Sauna. Steam rooms. Locally inspired treatments. De-tox and weight loss.

Complementary therapies. Light and lovely spa cuisine.

Vita is the exclusive service philosophy developed by Rezidor for Hotel Missoni.

Vita is Italian for ‘life’. Vita is a way of life for staff and guests, a way of regarding the world of Hotel Missoni and behaving within it.

Vita is the living spirit of Hotel Missoni. Vita is about the feelings as well as the facts. Generous. Meant. Warm. Never forced, ungracious, or over-sold.

Missoni service is relaxed but never inattentive. The service philosophy builds the Hotel Missoni feeling of inclusiveness, Italian warmth and home.

Uniquely for a style hotel, Hotel Missoni is filled with the warmth, generosity and positive thought of Vita.

Universal Concierge
Every Hotel Missoni staff member is equipped and empowered to help guests find exactly what they need. Day or night.

Universal Concierge is as simple as that. Staff responsibility is individual. And at the same time shared by all.

Staff training ensures every staff member is informed and enabled. Daily meetings ensure responsibilities are always top of mind.

Universal Concierge is more than an ideal. It is a realised, active, working force in the daily life of Hotel Missoni.

Hotel Missoni is unique. New consumers, new luxury, new ways of living and communicating. Mobile. Fast-moving. Youthful. Affluent.

Hotel Missoni is at the centre of a globally involving conversation. A great centre of interest.

Powered by the allure of an internationally desirable fashion brand. Underpinned, always, by the management and operational expertise of The Rezidor Hotel Group.

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